Tyr wetsuits Freak of nature, Hurricane and Tyr triathlon accessories.

TYR produces high quality performance swimming and triathlon garments worn by Olympic Gold Medalists and Ironman World Champions. 2009 World Champion Ariana Kukors and 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Matt Grevers race in the Tracer™ High Performance Swim Line.

The Triathlon Apparel Collection and Hurricane Wetsuit Series is worn by 3x defending Ironman Champion and current Ironman distance world record holder, Chrissie Wellington.

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TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature women's wetsuit Sale TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature women's wetsuit (TYRFREAKOFNATUREWOMEN)

The pinnacle of wetsuit performance, the TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature women's wetsuit is constructed of 100 percent Yamamoto 40 Cell Neoprene.  Featuring remarkable stretch-and-return capacity, "The Freak" (as we affectionately call it), has been referred to as an "Engineering Marvel" by the triathlon industry and is incomparably soft and pliant. Designed for speed in the water, the Hurricane Freak Of Nature showcases an arsenal of acceleration-driving, buoyancy-boosting and power-enhancing features. Elevate your swim and speed up your transition, with Speed Wrap Paneling, Free ROM Zones, Graded Force Catch Panels and Quick release Ankle Cuffs.  Calculated, calibrated and repeatedly revised until we reached the absolute limit of Range Of Motion, the Freak Of Nature Wetsuit features a stunning 7X stretch factor. There is no question that the FON will be the fastest wetsuit you have ever worn.



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TYR Carbon backzip trisuit black/red men Sale TYR Carbon backzip trisuit black/red men (TMZNJB6A-002)

TYR Carbon is a game-changing fabric that fuels performance across the disciplines. Constructed from this breakthrough technology, the TYR Carbon backzip trisuit black/red men helps lower your body temperature and heart rate and results in more efficient breathing and less lactic acid buildup. In addition, this tri suits hydrophobic fabric starts drying as soon as you exit the water. The TYR Carbon backzip is made with smooth bonded seams to maximize strength and comfort while minimizing drag. Additionally, its Carbon flash mesh is uniquely designed to draw moisture away from the body, keeping you feeling light and dry throughout the race.



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TYR Avictor prelude jammer black/multi men Sale TYR Avictor prelude jammer black/multi men (APM6A-004)

Born out of a collaboration between the industry's top experts and the world's most elite swimmers, the TYR Avictor prelude jammer black/multi men is TYR's fastest, most innovative technical swimsuit. Showcasing an unprecedented combination of advanced features, this FINA-approved technical suit maximizes performance and gives athletes the ultimate advantage over their rivals. Hydrosphere Technology works in harmony with a swimmer's natural abilities in order to optimize body positioning in the water. Ground-breaking technology causes water to surround the fabric of the swimsuit, creating a visible hydrospheric effect. As a result of maximized positioning, drag is reduced and speed and efficiency are boosted.



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